In cold season we have to be extra careful with our health, and we should take extra precautions so that we don’t catch any kind of sickness and the most common are fever, flu and in some cases pain in joints. The cold season calls for hot soups and thick blankets, avoiding to go outside as possible as we can. So the question can we work out when we are sick? Working out when we are sick is not an easy job. To sweat, all the sickness is quite difficult, and we should know that can we do exercise or is it healthy for us to do a workout when we are sick? Here are some of the things that we should keep in mind:

Don’t ignore your symptoms:

If you are not feeling 100% and you still want to workout, it is important for us to drink plenty of water or drinks that contain electrolytes, such as sports drinks. It is increasingly difficult to keep ourselves hydrated when we are suffering from cold, so try to drink more and more water. Remember we should avoid all caffeine containing drinks which are not good if you are planning to exercise. More importantly, remember that it is if you are not feeling well, you should rest first to regain your health.

The fever then no:

If you are suffering from high fever, it is not healthy for you to hit the gym as it can cause many problems physically like when you’re suffering from high fever, you will have fatigue in the body and can lead widespread muscles aches, and in these conditions, you cannot exercise properly. So if you want to hit the gym, it is really important to check your temperature, before going all out.

Know your limit:

It is not entirely healthy to do exercise when you are sick, but it is really important for us to know symptoms before hitting the gym, you need to know the limits. Heath experts simply recommend that we should not do intense exercise when we are sick like we should not do jogging or run we can do the brisk walk. So it is really better to take good care and not to do heavy lift ups, we can get seriously injured, or we can get more ill by doing that. So it is best to rest properly before going to the gym.


It is recommended by many heath experts to exercise very carefully when you are sick like you should do light exercises. Brink walk, yoga, pre-workout exercises are best which we can do in a workout. Although we might feel very unnatural to detract from your normal routine, but some exercise is better than doing nothing. We should find other alternatives than doing very heavy exercise, and we should keep our symptoms in mind, or we should ask from our physicians to tell us what is best for us. But exercise during fever is not healthy.